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​​​​​​​Abstractify is an art course that is specifically designed to help you uncover how you make art.

Week One :: Initial Explorations

First we'll dive straight into playing with easy ways in to expressing ourselves in our own unique ways through paint. We'll try out a few different approaches and get some context for this expedition with a bit of background on abstract and expressive art.

Week Two :: People

This week we will look at ways to paint portraits and figurative art that move them away from realism and take them into the exciting realm of expressive and interpretive painting.

Week Three :: Places

This week we'll be going on location {with alternatives if that's not doable!} to gather ideas from out in the world, and maybe even making Actual Art out there too. ;) We'll explore ways to create a sense of place in a painting that isn't 'just' a straight up landscape.

Week Four :: Things

For our final week, we'll look at still life, and tip over the edge into full abstraction. We'll explore how we can create art that remains balanced and interesting even if it has no, or few, recognisable elements.
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